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Winter skins (Since all Chinese raccoon skins are of farmed skins, we have better control over its quality and selection. we has raccoon farms in Dongbei region which also works as a collecting center.)



  1. Grade A+ for making trimmings
  2. Grade A for making collars
  • Note: no need to drum skins for trimming use


To deal with Chinese raccoon skins as our fist products, we do apply special process for this items:

  • Collecting raw skins in winter time in major farms
  • Besides Shandong origin Chinese raccoon skins, also provide special brown skins from certain supplying farmers in Tangshan
  • Environmental tanning with no harm on human being (provide certificate issued by Chinese government)
  • Strict selecting with original and stretched skins offered at the same time
  • Provide double-drumming on our skins for making collars. The first drumming is for removing dirty and needle furs, the second drumming in closed equipment is for add fragrant flavor.
  • Dry-clean all skins which enable customers use directly at their sides
  • china dongbei finn-raccoon skins pelts

    china raccoon skins pelts