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Size: It is important to note the our regulations on skin size to avoid any misunderstandning. Please refer to important points as below:

  • When talking about the size of skins, it is important to know if they are original skins or stretched skins and drummed or not drummed.
  • Measurement: we measure Chinese raccoon skins from nose to ramp as shown below:
  • Chinese Raccoon Skin
    • For original skins, we provide skins in 3 categories, namely 70 cm – 80 cm, 80 cm – 90 cm, 90 cm – 100 cm.
    • For stretched skins, we provide skins from 80 cm – 90 cm, 90 cm – 100 cm, 100 cm – 100 cm.
    • For drummed skins, we provide skins from 70 cm – 80 cm, 80 cm -90 cm, 90 cm – 100 cm.
    • Detailed informaton on skin size as below:
    Produkte Size: M Size: L Size: XL
    Original skins 70 cm – 80 cm 80 cm – 90 cm 90 cm – 100 cm
    Stretched skins 80 cm – 90 cm 90 cm – 100 cm 100 cm – 110 cm
    Drummed skins 70 cm – 80 cm 80 cm – 90 cm 90 cm – 100 cm
    • Normally, after stretching, the length of skins will become 10 cm longer than before that.
    • All skins will have to be stretched first and then for drumming. Stretched skins will be averagely 10 cm longer than the original skins. How ever, the drumming can make skins shorter. After drumming, skins size will be 10 cm shorter on average.
  • china raccoon skin size

    china raccoon skin size

    It is very important to know the difference before and after stretching, before and after drumming.

    • Stretched skins always have bigger size than the original skins. That is why some supplier will always supply larger skins. How ever, skins after stretching will become not elastic. Fur heaviness will also become lower.
    • Skins after drumming will require a special outlook for making garment collars.
    • We, FurFarmers International offer skins in original and stretched state which is different from other suppliers in Liushi or Suning town.